Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano
 "If I want to be the best player in the world I need the best team around me and nobody does nutrition better than Robert Yang"


PGA Golfer

"Meeting Robert Yang has been essential for my day by day improvement in and outside the golf course. Before I suffered from bad digestion that was affecting my performance; I was always fatigued, wasn't able to sleep good and suffered from stomachaches after eating. After running some tests and intense check ups, Robert put me back on track. Now I feel strong, I sleep good,  and I enjoy an active life without suffering pain after meals. I am so grateful for all his hard work because with his help I have seen positive changes in my performances." 



Belen Mozo LPGA

Thanks for being a great friend and teacher. You have armed me with tools for success. Thanks for everything!                                             


- Defensive Back #15 Lamar University

Michael Allen
 Pierre-Luc Gagnon

Thanks for all the help with my nutrition and

supplement needs.  Makes a big difference with

recovery and soreness!

-Professional Skateboarder

 "Since I Started working with Robert I feel less tired and more energetic!! I used to feel very tired after a tournament and right now I can go run 5 miles after my last day on a 4 day event!! Is it not only the supplements I am taking but also the food intake! Eating more protein has helped me to be less hungry and also drinking lots of water!!! It also helps to sleep 9 hours everyday ! I have been playing on the European tour this year and the results are good! 4 top 10s, 1 win and 20th in Australia!"



Carlota Ciganda LPGA


joshanderinOne of us had been struggling for a long time with digestive complications and had tried everything possibly imagined to deal with the problem.  Robert agreed that these troubles were likely due to psychological stress, but that stress manifested in the GI tract could be reduced by taking irritating agents like gluten, casein and soy out of the diet.  Positive changes literally happened overnite.  After years of suffering, this advice was life changing!  Cutting out gluten and dairy but adding more protein to breakfast, cooking with coconut oil, supplementing with quality vitamins, minerals and peptides were just some of the things that produced that seemingly elusive competitive edge.  We both will give life-long thanks to Robert for his knowledge and the valuable education we received.  Thank you Robert!       
Carlsbad, CA 

My 20-year-old son started working with Robert in May 2012.  He is an athlete for a Division I university.  The pressures of competing at this level had taken a toll and at the time he started working with Robert, he was struggling with depression and performance issues in his sport.  From a nutritional perspective, Robert immediately recommended some dietary changes as well as modifications to my son's exercise routines. To support our son with these changes, my husband and I followed the same dietary changes and have seen drastic improvements in our own health.  Robert is knowledgeable, patient, thoughtful and methodical in his approach.  Robert has been a God-sent resource for our family.


Monrovia, CA 


If you've come across Robert Yang and you're not working with him, I need to let you in on a few things. You're wasting time, you're wasting effort, and you're definitely not enjoying your training or nutrition as much as you should be. Like most people, I spent a few years sifting through workout programs, trying to wrap my head around conflicting nutritional information and following the next best training videos online. If you're doing this now, stop.   After working with Robert for 6 months I'm stronger, leaner, faster, more conditioned and look better than I ever have. I feel great. People I haven't seen in years are floored. People who I haven't seen since January are asking how I did it so quickly. It was simple.  Don't get me wrong it's hard work, but Robert lays it all out for you. And with monthly assessments you'll see how well your program and nutrition are working together. I found these checkpoints motivating and they really helped keep me focused on my goal.  I'd recommend Robert to anyone who's decided they're willing to do whatever it takes to make a change. You'll really be surprised what you'll learn about yourself and your lifestyle. Bottom line. If you do what he says, just as he says it, you'll get what you want.  


Carlsbad, CA


I worked with Robert for about one year.  His expertise helped me in cleaning up my digestion with the elimination of wheat, dairy, soy and corn (severe allergens for me).  Where Robert was particularly useful was in addressing how and what to eat with these elminations.  How to get the proper nutrients, keep my energy levels going, and how to fold in the right foods for me.  I feel better.  Most importantly, I feel healthy.  It's evident in my skin, my movement, and my connection to life.  The desire to continue to eat and live this lifestyle is an anchor now.  I believe Robert gave me the tools to navigate my eating and relationship with food in all the phases of life. 


Certified Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapist, Minneapolis, MN






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