Food Bars: What makes a good food bar?

Keeping your blood sugar level is a key factor for preventing fatigue, achieving peak energy levels, and maintaining your focus. Food bars can be a quick, convenient, and a nutritious snack.

Food bars have become a huge business and there are many choices. High protein, 40/30/30, and low carb are just a few. Which one do you choose? Instead of choosing a bar based on the macronutrient breakdown, base your decision on the quality of ingredients. Look for 3 things when choosing a bar. Think “Less is more” when it comes to the number of ingredients in the bar. Bars that have between 10-15 ingredients are your best option. Second, choose a bar that is made up of organic ingredients. This is important because your body won’t have to detoxify residues of pesticides and herbicides, which are neurotoxins or hormone disrupters. Third, look for a bar that is minimally processed. This means that these bars have not been heated beyond 105º. This ensures that the fats and proteins in the bar have not been denatured.

Food Bars

The Organic Food Bar by Organic Food Bar Inc. and the Coco Chia Bar by Living Fuel Inc. are great whole food bars that are organic and minimally processed. Both have healthy fats, moderate protein levels, and slow digesting carbohydrates. Both are great whole food bars that will ensure stable blood sugar levels.

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